"...then I will give him to the Lord all the days of his life..." - 1 Samuel 1:11

Child dedication is one of the most important decisions parents can do for their children. This rite is intended to be a public statement by the parents that they will train their children in the Christian faith and seek to instill that faith in them. The congregation often responds through responsive reading or some other method to affirm that they, as a church family, will also seek to encourage the parents to bring up the child in the faith.

So may we encourage you of this four important reasons why parents should dedicate their child to the Lord.

  • Giving your child to God is a CONFIRMATION of your love for God.
  • Giving your child to God is a CLARIFICATION of ownership.
  • Giving your child to God is a COMMITMENT to raise your child in God's ways
  • Giving your child To God is a CLAIMING of God's plan and promises for that child's life

Schedule of Child Dedication Sunday:
  • Every 1st Sunday of the month
  • Birth certificate of baby
  • Marriage certificate of parents
  • Processing fee of Php 500.00
* Without the marriage certificate, we do not dedicate the baby during Child Dedication Sunday, but can be dedicated on other Sundays or weekdays
* For babies with unmarried parents just submit Birth Certificate
* Fee: Php 1,500.00 (inside the church), Php 2,000.00 (outside the church)


Download Child Dedication Form
Note: Fill up this form, have it printed and bring it to the office with the other requirements.


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