Bishop David had the privilege of being invited to preach and teach in Pastors and leaders training, church planting conferences and conventions abroad together with well known Christian leaders like Dr. James Davis, Leonard Fontaine, Elmer Towns, and many others in North and South American countries, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. These training and conferences are aimed at equipping and empowering Church leaders. In all his speaking activities in those countries, the Lord moved mightily as thousands of men and women who were empowered by God’s Word re-dedicated their lives to the Lord and responded to the call of missions. 

In South Africa, over 7,000 Pastors and Christian leaders from Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, and Johannesburg attended the Spirit Wind Pastors and Leaders’ conference where they experienced a powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit. Host Pastor Ronnie Barnard revealed “the conference was life-changing, a real breakthrough for him and for all the pastors and leaders who attended the special gathering. They made a re-commitment to do God’s ministry with more intensity. 


Bishop David had the opportunity to preach among the Zulu Tribe in the Kwazulu Township.  These are the descendants of the fiercest warriors of South Africa’s Zhaka Zulu’s kingdom. Praise God!  Many of them are now Christians!  These precious brethren are winning their people for Christ. There are more than 8 million Zulus in a country of 55 million people; most of them need Salvation through Christ.   It was great to see leaders pour out their hearts to God to fulfill the Great Commission!  Equally impressive was their passion to win and disciple their nation by planting thousands of churches in their region.

By the grace of God the United Nations have given Bishop David and his team a permit -- so far the only group was given the rare privilege--- to enter the refugee camps in Congo/Uganda Border where people by the thousands who escaped the civil war received Jesus as Savior and Lord. They had the refugees water baptized in the shallow, murky brook by the camp. But who cares about the muddy water?   Lives were changed!  Miracles of healing took place!  “The sight of hungry people standing for hours under the heat of the noonday sun to listen to the Word of God being preached will be etched indelibly in my mind,” Bishop Dave recalled passionately about his experience with the Congolese.  

There was a bountiful harvest of souls during the three-day crusade in that war-torn country assume 20 thousand men, women and children received Jesus in their lives. The refugees may have lost homes, families and hope as a result of the civil war. But these people, who were literally thirsty and hungry, they, who were hopeless and lost in spiritual darkness have found hope and light when Jesus came into their lives.

korea In May 2018, Bishop David was called to minister to key pastor leaders in South Korea together with Dr. Hyon-Ok Shin, founding pastor of Zion Prayer Mountain Church in Pyeontaek (a suburb of Seoul). Key leaders from five South African countries, Pakistan and India attended the three-day Leadership Conference and Retreat where he was one of the main speakers.

His next stop was Bangkok, Thailand for a three-day weekend revival retreat. The Holy Spirit-charged gathering of about 2,000 leaders and church members, a thousand of whom were youth leaders (young professionals) were challenged, empowered and blessed to advance God’s Kingdom. Dr. Dave believes that Liberty Church and AOG through the leadership of Dr. AnuparpWitchitnantana will be used of God mightily for this divine purpose!

Another door of opportunity was opened that brought him to Georgetown, Guyana in South America to keynote the Billion Soul Network conference. Together with Dr. James Davis, they preached and taught the pastors and leaders in that country. There was a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit as leaders prayed for a greater vision to double the size of their congregations. He also ministered to people in four different locations in Guyana where the locals were hospitable and friendly as the Filipinos.

He was invited to lead an evangelistic crusade in Morobi Refugees Camp in the West Nile, Uganda near the border of South Sudan.  The crusade was a great success as thousands received Jesus as Lord and Savior. Thank God for the Word of Hope’s prayer and missions offering, Bishop David was able to give tarpaulin tents to the churches there!

Just like Congo, South Sudan is another country in the African continent torn by civil war where hundreds of thousands fled and crossed the border into this West Nile Region for safety. Hungry for God’s Word, thousands of Sudanese refugees received Jesus as Lord, Savior and Living Hope in the midst of war and famine.  It was indeed an awesome day to witness a great multitude surrendering their lives to the Lord!

The work isn’t done yet.  As long as it is a day, and as long as his strength will allow, Bishop David will continue to give his best to go beyond the regions to proclaim the Gospel, and disciple nations!

To God be all the Glory!


Posted: August 06 2018




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