1. 70000 Decisions for Christ through Gospel Boat, Gospel Bus, medical missions and outreaches. Buy additional Gospel Bus.
2. Launch Gospel Broadcast via Internet TV and Radio.
3. Plant and establish 12 new churchs - 6 in the NCR and 6 in the provinces.
4 Purchase and mobilization of a "Kids Mobile" (wing van) for children evangelism in the NCR.
5. Train and recruit 1,000 or more new Leaders to open 1,500 Life Groups
6. Mobilize the youth, lay leaders and members toward friendship evangelism for numerical growth.
7. Raise and give P15M or more toward Missions and Evangelism.
8. Spiritual Growth through discipleship, ministry involvement by church members. Increase enrollment for C.G.S. and H,L.I.
9. Development of Paradise Prayer Garden - additional recreational, sports and dorm facilities.
10. Recruit, train and mobilize more marketplace pastors or emerging pastors for ministries in the church.

VISION 2020: 10K 4 100K
10,000 Life Groups for 100,000 members and adherent by 2020

LONG RANGE GOAL: 25,000 Life Groups by 2025


Posted: January 18 2017