Global Church Network Conference in Rotterdam, Holland

Pastor Dave was one of the speakers at the Global Church Network Conference in Rotterdam, Holland. The conference was held in The Living Stone Ministries, one of the largest and influential churches in Europe and founded by Apostle Edgar Holder with his wife Irma Holder.


It was a great priviledge for Pastor Dave to teach and preach at the conference with Dr. Elmer Towns with him as one of the co-speakers. Many responded to the call and surrendered their lives to the Lord.


After the Conference, they had a lunch fellowship inside a ship cruising the River Rhine. A great break for Pastor Dave after speaking more than 4 times on the conference. From Sunday - Tuesday he spoke 6 times, he is greatly thankful for your prayers.

Here are some of the beautiful sceneries in Holland while they are on-board the ship during their lunch fellowship.

Thank you so much for your continuous prayer for our Senior Pastor. 

Posted: September 28 2016