• 70,000 Decisions for Christ through Gospel Boat, Gospel Bus, medical missions and outreaches. Buy additional Gospel Bus.

  • Launch Gospel Broadcast via Internet TV and Radio.

  • Plant and establish 12 new churches - 6 in the NCR area and 6 in the provinces.

  • Purchase and mobilization of a "Kids Mobile" (wing van) for children evangelism in the NCR.

  • Train and recruit 1,000 or more new Leaders to open 1,500 Life Groups.

  • Mobilize the youth, lay leaders and members toward friendship evangelism for numerical growth.

  • Raise and give P15M or more toward Missions and Evangelism.

  • Spiritual Growth through discipleship, ministry involvement by church members. Increase enrollment for CGS and HLI.

  • Development of Paradise Prayer Garden - additional recreational, sports and dorm facilities.

  • Recruit, train and mobilize more marketplace pastors or emerging pastors for ministries in the church.

VISION 2020: 10K 4 100K

10,000 Life Groups for 100,000 members and adherents by 2020

LONG RANGE GOAL: 25,000 Life Groups by 2025